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We wanted a better name for this section, but we settled on RESOURCES. Here, you will find things that should make your life easier! We hope you find added value in what we’ve got here; remember, that’s why we’re your agent! Value, Service and Trust!

Frequently Asked Questions

The nature of our business brings up a lot of questions from our customers. Here you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions along with the answers to go with them.

Life Insurance Calculator
As your life changes, so do your life insurance needs. It’s important that you have enough coverage in place to make sure your loved ones are well protected, should the need arise.

Identity Recovery Coverage
Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. For the millions of consumers affected each year, identity theft is a nightmare. We have a product that can help!

Free Annual Credit Report
Being financially aware is a key element to making sure your profile looks good. Get a copy of your credit report. As of 9/1/05, Pennsylvanians are able to get one free report per year.

Kelley Blue Book
Looking to buy or sell a vehicle at the right price! Kelley Blue Book provides you with the “by the book” value of the car you are looking to buy or sell along with plenty of other resources within the automobile marketplace.

NAIC Codes
Erie Insurance Exchange: 26271
Erie Insurance Company: 26263
Foremost: 11185
Infinity / Leader: 11738

Still have questions?
If there’s some kind of question or worry you have that we have not addressed, call us. Remember, we love to hear from you. YOU are the reason we’re in business, and we’ll never forget that!