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Report a Claim

Report A Claim

Remember, we’re your agent. We’re here to help you. Don’t ever be afraid to call or think that you’re bothering us. Get the phone. Call 610-530-0304.

Now, if it is after hours or on the weekend and you have a claim that needs immediate attention… you CAN report it! We have 24-hour claim
reporting, so if the claim is of an urgent nature, let’s get it started!

Who is your carrier?

Call 1-800-367-3743 or on-line at www.erieinsurance.com
Just a windshield claim and nothing else? Call 1-800-552-3743

Leader / Infinity
Call 1-800-334-1661

Call 1-800-527-3907 or on-line at www.foremost.com

Call 1-800-925-2886 or on-line at www.progressive.com

What information do I need?

With claims, you will need to talk to your own insurer, but you need not give a statement to the other party’s carrier. The more information you
have for us, the better.

Try to get the other party’s name, address, telephone. Get their year, make and model of car. Their insurer’s name and policy number are also important.
If witnesses are present, get their names, addresses and telephone numbers, too.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if anyone is hurt, make sure to seek medical care!

Call Us!

Claims don’t happen every day, we understand that. Call us and let us help you with yours. 610-530-0304