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Apples to Apples.

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And you ask, what does THIS have to do with insurance?

All apples are not the same.  All insurance is not the same.  Got it?

While the “apples to apples” comparison seems good in theory, it fails in true practice.   Think about apples for a moment.   Some apples are juicy, others are tart, some are best for baking.   A skilled chef will choose carefully to get the best result for the dish.  Someone else might assume that all apples look pretty much the same, so they’ll all be fine for whatever use is chosen.  But once you bite into the apple, you’ll quickly realize what kind you’ve got.  With insurance, you often learn whether what is sour or sweet when it’s time to make a claim.

The how and where you buy insurance is important.  Choosing a seasoned, licensed professional is key.  Find someone who’s been in the business of “apple selection” for quite some time.  Do you want to buy this bushel from a website who ships them in from across the country?  Or do you prefer a “smart farmer” who’s grown the apples, polished them up, and has them ready for you in a fresh basket in their Main Street storefront window?  Doing business with the farmer who knows your name and shouts hello at the local diner makes a difference.  Make sure the carriers are financially strong and have a good reputation for handling claims. You want a shiny apple with no worm holes!   Allow the agent to suggest options you may not have considered.  The apple you ate 20 years ago may no longer be the apple you want or need today.  A new hybrid of apple may have emerged and you deserve to know about it!

For the latest and greatest assistance with your produce needs…er, insurance needs, please give us a call.   Complimentary reviews always available by appointment.  610-530-0304



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