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Be My Valentine?

By February 14, 2011June 9th, 2022No Comments

Yup, another Valentine’s Day is here!  Some people love it, others hate it.

Understandable.  Like many other holidays, it is charged with emotion and expectation.  Whenever those two things happen at the same time, it can get crazy!

Maybe he thought he was doing a good thing when he ordered the roses.  He didn’t know she had allergies.

Maybe she thought he’d love a homemade lobster dinner.  She didn’t know about his shellfish issues.

Sometimes all the stars align and we get it right.  But many times, it’s not exactly the way it looked in that Hallmark commercial, is it?  A lot of people get depressed during the holidays because they magnify everything.

My single friends often want the day to be over as soon as possible.  Somehow single feels really single on this one day out of 365.

There are all kinds of love.  Whether it’s your romantic partner, your family, your friends, your pets…whatever or whomever it is that makes you smile, that’s what you should embrace on this “Day of Love”.  Knowing that you have the capacity to love others and bring them joy is a special thing.  The love you give will come back to you.  Not always on the same day, mind you.  But it will.

Now, onto the insurance point of this blog entry!  If some of the love that you receive comes in the form of precious jewelry…be sure to let us know!  Not only do we want to see the stuff and giggle wildly with you, but we want to be sure it is covered properly for you.

Inland marine policies are fairly inexpensive and they’ll provide broad protection for your pretties.  We’re here.  610-530-0304

Hope your day is awesome!

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