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We’ve all heard about the glass of water that is filled to the halfway point.  Is it “half full” or “half empty”? 

I try to be a “half full” kind of girl.  I try.

But I also find I’m a “BTN” girl when I explain insurance.

Especially with life insurance.  Folks are often fearful that it’s gonna cost way more than they can afford.  Sometimes, it may cost quite a bit to insure them to the degree that their “profile” indicates is appropriate. 

We always review debts (mortgage, car loans, student loans, credit card loans) as those obligations don’t stop when someone dies.  We also talk about obligations to the family’s continued comfort (schooling for the kids, cars and their upkeep, maintenance of the home, utilities, clothes, food) as these bills keep coming, too.

Sometimes, when we do the math, it seems to indicate an astronomical amount of benefit is desirable.  And the premium might also be in the galactic range, too.  But what now?

Some of us might be tempted to walk away and mutter that we just can’t afford it.  We’ll wait for another time.  We’ll think about it.  We’ll shake our head and leave without any coverage.

SCREECH!  As an insurance agent, it’s time for us remind you about the “BTN” theory.  It means “Better Than None”…even if the chart says you need $750,000 of coverage…and you can’t afford it…do you think your family would be in BETTER shape if you got the $250,000 THAN if you got NONE? 

Maybe down the road, finances will change and you can get the larger amount.  Maybe not.  But no matter what, having a base level is “BTN” Better Than None!

A good insurance won’t encourage you to buy more than your budget allows.  Here, it’s about you.  You choose.  We advise, we guide, we educate and evaluate.  But you’re the boss.

If you’ve not had a talk with us about your life insurance program yet, make the appointment now.  Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.  Make sure your “BTN” insurance is in force, ready to go.  Someone you love is depending on it.   610-530-0304

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