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Contests…and Tiaras.

By September 23, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

Who likes contests?  Folks who win ’em!

As some of you know, my dream is to have a tiara like this.  Actually, I don’t think I’m gonna win one.  I do believe pageant days have passed.  And I can’t play an instrument or twirl, so let’s just put that idea behind us.  Maybe it’ll be a purchase when I’ve become old enough and cute enough (like my Mom was) to get away with such a frivolous dream purchase.

Right now, we’re finishing up a policy production contest.  If we write enough property and life policies, we win ribbons and statues.  It’s very cool.  Brings out a friendly, competitive spirit. 

We’re also hopeful about a local newspaper award voted on by the public.  It will be a thrill if we can claim it!  We’ll plaster that logo everywhere and anywhere for the next year.  Stuff like that makes you feel honored and blessed.

But the contest that means the most is the one at the end of each day.  Lately, we’ve had an extraordinary number of clients express their appreciation for our team’s efforts.  They’ve told us through phone calls, letters and emails.  When you hear how the simplicity of kind words, courteous helpful service and sincere smiles make a difference…it rocks your world. 

I’m blessed to have folks working within my agency who truly understand the Golden Rule.   Their combined commitment to doing the right things makes the days go really fast. 

So, maybe I’ll wait a bit for the statues and plaques…and the tiara.  But the contest is won every day when we close our door and turn off the lights.  I know our “family” has done a great day’s work.  We’ve had some fun.  We’ve worked hard.  We’ve made a difference. 

Thank you, Team HI…you are awesome!

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