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Do We Provide Business Insurance?

By March 18, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

You Bet!

Someone asked me if we handled business insurance.  He thought our primary carrier, Erie, provided one product…auto insurance!   It was hard for me to believe that he didn’t know. 

How often do we assume that everyone knows the same things we do?  Little things, big things…we could be wrong.  When you truly listen to someone else, you will soon find that he may have a completely different understanding!

Being a good listener helps you find out.  Ever meet someone who felt he was a great communicator…except all he ever did was talk?  To truly communicate, you must first listen!

So, today’s lesson for me is to improve my listening skills!  And I’ll also make sure to be careful about assuming things.

And the “news flash” for you?  We DO provide business insurance!   Here, watch this clip and see why we provide some of the best support services around when it comes to this line of coverage. 

Do you know someone with a business?  A coffee shop owner?  An electrician?  A locksmith?  Auto repair business?   Are they getting the service and advice they deserve? 

Those of us with a small business do it because we love it.  It’s “our world”…we’d love if you would introduce us to others who feel this way. 

Ask your friend to watch this and then have him give us a call! 



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