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Didja Know?

Dogs Make A Difference!

By March 10, 2009May 7th, 2019No Comments

axl-dscn16381Didja know that dogs are becoming an important factor when insuring your home?

In the last several years, dog-bite claims have become a serious concern for insurers.  Why? 

Some of the breeds are even declined coverage by some carriers.  Of course we understand that every dog is unique.  We also know that the owner and his or her training and guidance for the dog are huge factors in the dog’s expected behavior.

Unfortunately, we can also agree that no matter how crazy a Chihuahua gets, he will never be able to lift, shake and tear flesh like a larger dog.  Nor will his jaw exert the same pressure per square inch as some other breeds. 

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, we suggest you have a frank conversation with your insurance agent to understand the impact it may have on your insurance program. 

Because insurance is necessary and important, it should also be affordable and available.  As with any other risk you assume, ask your agent’s opinion when thinking about adding a new canine family member!

And for the record, this dog is a lovebug!   Thanks again, Dave, for letting us publish his picture!

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