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Easy Ways to Help Us Grow!

By February 2, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

First of all.  Thank you.  Because of you, we have grown our agency “from scratch.”  Being able to say that we work “by referral” is an awesome thing. 

We want to work with more folks who are just like the ones we already insure.  We know that most of your friends and family are “like” you.  They appreciate the simple things like service, courtesy and honesty.  They trust and believe YOU when you recommend someone to them. 

If you’ve been pleased with us, share us!  Some of you have said that you’re not sure of what to say or how to say it.  Others have said you’d tell folks about us “if they ask.” 

If you found an amazing new Italian restaurant, would you tell your friends?  If you stumbled upon a lightning-fast drycleaner, would you tell others?       If you found the best cell phone service provider ever, would you share?

Well, if you’re delighted with us, tell someone!  Do you like the way we answer the phone?  Do we provide the service we promised?  Are you entertained by our monthly e-newsletter?  Do you feel welcome when you visit? 

One client actually brought her friend into the office to meet us!  Fun!  Another sent her friends an email “blast” with a recommendation and a link to our website!  Yet another posted kind words on her Facebook page telling her friends that “we rock” and to give our website a whirl.  Did you know that your friends can even get a “quick auto quote” on our website now?  All you have to do is get them there!

Our popular Referral Rewards Program is still going strong.  When your friends tell us you sent them, YOU get rewarded!  Super easy, too!  Even though we’ve tried some other partners, we’re back to Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards!  We heard you loud and clear.  We get it.  You LOVE Dunkin’!  LOL!

Think about why you picked us.  Think about why you keep us.  It’s a competitive world.  We work hard to make sure we provide excellent service to you.  If you agree that we’re a “special value” please spread the word! 

We love helping you!  Will you help us, too?

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