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French Fries!

By October 3, 2014May 7th, 2019No Comments

french fries

As some of you know, my mom passed away in October 2008.  During the three weeks preceding her final journey, I kept a notebook to document all of her medical care, doctors names, etc.  Trying to keep things straight can be difficult so I wanted to make sure I captured everything that was important.  Well, I also found myself noting little moments that happened during that time.

Each October, I find myself looking at it, remembering some of the special moments that have become my “roses in December” treasures.

Today’s entry was particularly good.  She had just received the cancer diagnosis and prognosis predicting three more months of time on our planet.  Too short, of course.  But as you gathered, it ended up being only three weeks.

She was a bit surprised, shaken and blue.  My two nieces and I sat with her as we processed it together, best we could.  A few minutes later, one of the cafeteria servers at the hospital entered the room.  She placed the covered platter onto Mom’s bed tray, quickly yanking off the silver cover to display her lunch.  Without skipping a beat, Mom exclaimed with a huge smile, “OH BOY, FRENCH FRIES!” and embraced the moment with joy and delight.

How?  She lived in the moment.  She was “mindful” (the big buzzword nowadays for counting blessings)

I’m smiling now…not crying.  Remembering her big grin and sense of appreciation for the “little” things is something I hope to have myself.  What else can I appreciate today?  How ’bout you?

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