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Is she worth $1/day?

By May 31, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

Everyone wants to give their child everything.

We put together swing sets, find puppies that are perfect, search the aisles up and down for that one special gift that we absolutely have to have on Christmas morning. 

They’re worth it.  They deserve the best. 

It’s true.  They do.

Have you insured that she’s going to be financially safe if you’re gone?  It happens every day.  None of us knows when we’re going to go.  But we are absolutely certain that one day we will.  It’s without question.  But if it happens before you’re ready, have you done everything you can to make sure your kids (and spouse) are protected?

And the fact is that we don’t all go when we’re 84, like my Mom.  That was still too early to suit me.  But she did have 21 more years than my Dad had.  Just this past week, one of my long-time clients took his final journey.  He was 34. 

We sell life insurance because it’s the right thing to do.  Folks rush in to save money on car insurance and homeowner’s insurance…but we usually have to ask a few times before they’re “ready” to talk about life insurance.  It’s an important piece of the insurance puzzle.  So we don’t mind asking several times.  It’s not something most folks enjoy discussing.  But we’ll make it easy.

Last month’s blog about “BTN” (Better Than Nothing) may help you understand how we balance what you need with what you can afford.  You don’t need to be afraid we’re going to push “too much” on you.   We won’t. 

How do we handle it so you’re comfortable?   First, we listen.  You tell us about what your family will need to keep afloat financially.  Then we make suggestions.  We give options for amounts, time frames, payment plans.  Then, YOU DECIDE.  We are always happy to guide and illuminate what may seem dark and confusing.  But ultimately, we are your partner.  We will be the folks bringing “the check” out to your family.  We will make sure that the whole process is handled with compassion and professionalism.

We just wrote a policy for a young father.  Only $192/year.  Well below the $1/day title of this blog article.  But he is now assured that he has taken responsibility for his wife and child should something happen prematurely.  Helping someone put a plan together makes us feel really good.

If you  haven’t made an appointment to talk to us about your family, maybe it’s time?  Call me at 610-530-0304 and let’s get together to create a plan that will end your sleepless nights!

Look at this little girl’s face.  Is she worth it?

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