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Is Social Media a Fad?

By March 28, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

 Nope.  It’s here to stay.  People love to communicate and share.  These platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogging, etc.) are the fastest growing way to help us do that.

It’s fun on a personal level.  It makes great sense from a business perspective.  Staying in touch with people, answering questions and being a resource are the things that provide true value and help us stand apart from the crowd.

A few weeks ago, the team from Channel 39/PBS Lehigh Valley visited our office.  Laura McHugh and crew spent a few hours to capture a few minutes of footage.  It was fun.  But it made me absolutely certain that insurance, not TV, is where I belong.  LOL!

Check it out!  (Once on the link, select Tempo Public Square, 3/26/10 Social Media clip)

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