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Is Tomorrow Coming?

By July 31, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

As the song goes, “You bet your bottom dollar!”

Tomorrow is coming faster than you imagine.  And today is the time to make sure that you’re set!

Crafting your insurance program isn’t fun for anyone.  Well, maybe some of us oddballs enjoy it.  But in general, most folks don’t find it to be a party, do they?  Yet, it’s the proper planning on the front end that can provide peace of mind on the back end.

Think about it.  Finding out whether you have Limited or Full Tort AFTER the accident may not bring you the answer you prefer.  Or wondering who’s gonna pay the $35/day rental car when your wreck is in the shop.  Or when you hear that blasted BEEP BEEP BEEP for severe weather on TV; are you really covered for a tornado?  Is that on your policy or not?  Worst one, when you’re planning someone’s funeral and the director asks what kind of policies exist to help pay the $12,000 bill.

We’d like to make you a few promises TODAY:

  • Tomorrow IS coming
  • We understand that you don’t really love this stuff
  • We love this stuff!  :)
  • We have the skills to help make it easy to understand
  • We have the good humor to make it fun
  • We will listen to you FIRST
  • We will find affordable solutions that fit your unique situation

With that kind of a guarantee, there’s no reason to wait.  Schedule your complimentary review today.   What will we do?

  • Listen
  • Make you comfortable; we’ll laugh, have coffee and keep it fun
  • Then, we’ll offer some guidance and suggestions that will help

Yep, it’s free.  No obligation.  Kind of a no brainer, eh?

Already with us?  Better deal…get a gift card for sending a friend for his or her review!   When they tell us you sent them, SCORE!  No limit…send one, send more.  Let’s make it a party!

Dial us today.  610-530-0304

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