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It’s THAT time. #Deer

By October 27, 2015May 7th, 2019No Comments


Getting darker earlier.  A chill is in the air.  You can smell a wood fire in the distance?

Fall is upon us.  And while they are “around” all year long, we do see more “deer activity” at this time.  Be cautious and vigilant in your driving travels.  They can total out a car.  Quickly.  Vehicle damage.  Injuries to you.  Don’t want that.

If you hit the deer or it hits you, it’s COMPREHENSIVE coverage.

If you swerve and miss it and hit the tree, it is COLLISION coverage.

If you run over the dead carcass, it’s COLLISION coverage.

Review your policy accordingly.  Call us if you have further questions.  610-530-0304

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