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Jewelry Coverage Rocks!

By June 9, 2009May 7th, 2019No Comments

diamondringSo, do you have a special piece, or a whole collection?  Pretty special to you, eh?    Is it properly covered?

Most folks don’t realize that the regular homeowner’s policy has certain limitations of coverage for their special jewelry pieces.  Maybe they’ve never been offered a “rider” or a “floater” for the items they’ve acquired. 

Some policies may cover only for “named perils” and that might not include some of the more common loss scenarios.   What if the stone pops and is GONE?  What if you get cold and the entire ring slips off your finger?  What if you have coverage of $1,500 and the item is worth $5,000?

Maybe you keep your stuff in a vault.  Or, maybe it’s in the jewelry box.  Likely, it’s on your finger, in your ears or around your neck!  And every day, you zip around here, there and everywhere…things can happen.

Jewelry coverage is one of the least expensive, and most undersold coverages out there.  In tandem with your overall protection package, it can bring piece of mind for the items you truly hold dear. 

For most situations, it’s very affordable.  Figure about $50/year for a $5,000 coverage limit. 

It gives broad coverage, varied deductible options, and a great protection for some of the things you value most.

Talk to your agent, or us, today!

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