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Little Things

By May 28, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

As an insurance agent, I find that the “little things” really matter.

Recently, a client was beyond overjoyed when he learned he actually had rental car reimbursement on his policy.  Prior to reaching our agency, he had always declined it.  We suggested he include it since the cost per year was less than the price per day he’d have to pay to secure a rental car in the event of a covered claim. 

When we initially talked about it, he said he didn’t want it.  He said he didn’t need it.  He said he didn’t have it before.  He asked why we felt so strongly that he include it.  We talked about claims our other clients have had.  We shared our opinion and he made the decision.  “OK, add it!”

The day came.  He had “the” claim.  He was going to need a rental for more than a week.  He couldn’t share with his spouse, they worked on separate sides of town.  He needed a car and he hoped he had the right coverage.

Obviously, everyone’s pricing is different.  But in his case, he was going to be receiving $35/day rental reimbursment for more than 7 days.  His premium cost was $30/year to have this coverage in force.

He was thrilled to know that he was fully protected.  The 8 cents a day he “invested” in this coverage was now something that was going to relieve his worries about how to pay for the nearly $300 rental car bill.  It was covered. 

It’s easy to give a client a policy that is exactly what he requests.  Many folks ask us to “give me what I had before” and “don’t add stuff I don’t need”.  But it’s our responsibility to shine the light on the “little things” that will matter down the road.  We like looking after people.  We like being able to make things flow smoothly at a time when they’re all turned upside down and inside out.

Professional, licensed insurance agents are no longer on every corner.  Finding a local person who’s real, honest and willing to tell you the truth is becoming a tough task.  How do you know when you find a good one?

  • We listen
  • We ask a gazillion questions
  • We make suggestions, but we don’t push you
  • We provide examples that everyone can understand
  • We ask if you have any questions
  • We take time to make sure everything is understood
  • We’re there when the rubber hits the road

Do you have this kind of agent?  

If not, come find us!  We’re right on Main Street and we’d love to meet you!  610-530-0304

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