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Over the years, clients have often asked about our team members.  Meet the FUN GIRLS!

Our current team members who are committed to making insurance fun are:

Linda Braun has been with our agency since 2000.  She loves spending time with her family, especially her four grandkids.  She also loves the beach.  And, she says, “I love insurance because of the people we meet and help.  We have great clients.  When you get the chance to answer questions, assure them that things will be okay for a claim, and give them the best service you can,  it is very rewarding.”

Judy Breen has been with our agency since 2001.  She, too, loves spending time with her kids and grandkids.  She’s been involved with the Wheels of Time Street Rod Association for over 20 years.  She loves the cars.  But she says the friends she’s made and the donations made by the club are the most important.  Each year, between $50,000 and $80,000 have been donated to local charities.  And she loves insurance because “I love people!”

Elaine Schwien  joined us in 2010.  She adores chocolate, gardening and family time.  She loves insurance because I like helping people understand and choose coverage they may deem “unnecessary.  I know they’ll be thankful to have the right coverage when they need it.”

Simone Kereit-Morgan is our 2011 addition!  She loves dancing Salsa!  She says “relaxing is best done with a purring cat on or close to you”.  She also enjoys cooking.  “I love insurance because there is always something new.  New questions, new faces, changing circumstances.  It never gets boring AND I get to help people!”

So now you’ve met the lovely ladies who make HI rock!  Each one brings her special magic to the team.  How did we get so lucky to find folks like this?  When hiring, we look for “the sparkle.”   We find people who “feel right” for the team.   People who can put their own special stamp of fun on the world of insurance. 



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