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Prepare, here comes Sandy!

By October 26, 2012May 7th, 2019No Comments

You can’t open a can of soup with an electric can opener when you have no electricity.  Just a little reminder of the obvious as this little wench named Sandy approaches the East Coast.

We’ve all read the traditional “what to do” articles as a weather event of this size approaches.  However, here are some you may not have considered:

  • Batten down the hatches!  Secure outdoor furniture, plant pots, pretty much anything that can be blown into a car’s path, a neighbor’s windows, etc.  Flying “debris” (that’s the fancy word) and do a world of damage when it’s hurled about by high force winds.
  • Make sure you’ve got fresh water.  Bottled jugs are cheap and if power is out for an extended time, can be a lifesaver!
  • Be sure you have your prescriptions, your pet food, cat litter…the essentials.  You may not be able to shop for a few days.
  • Obtain food that is easily opened and prepared without electricity.  Many of us depend on electric can openers, so either find a manual one OR be sure you have pop top cans of tuna and other ready-to-eat items.  If you’re not allergic, peanut butter is a good option for sandwiches!  You like milk and cereal?  There are some non-refrigerated single-serve almond milks, etc. that can live happily on your shelves.
  • If you don’t have to go anywhere, DON’T!  Keep the streets clean and clear for emergency personnel who may need to rescue others, cut down trees, etc.
  • If you experience damage to your home or personal property, do what you can to minimize additional damage, PROVIDING YOU ARE NOT PUTTING YOURSELF IN DANGER.  Climbing a ladder to check out the roof isn’t smart when winds are gusting.
  • Consider a generator and learn how to use it properly.
  • If you are driving and find a street that looks impassable due to high water, it might be!  Giving it a “whirl” could put you in a situation where you can’t always undo it.  Turning around is ok.  Staying home is an ever better choice, see prior bullet point.
  • If you use candles for light, be wise about where you place them.  Heavy traffic areas, kids roughhousing (cabin fever!) and pets can overturn one very quickly.  You can find inexpensive LED lanterns in any hardware store.  They are a great, safe option.
  • If you have an insurance claim/concern, you can call or email us, but remember…cell towers may be down, phone and electric lines could be compromised.  You may not reach us.  Our contact options are:  610-530-0304, and our Erie Hotline number  1-800-367-3743.
  • Above all, don’t panic.  Convince the kids you’re pioneers, make it a game.  Enjoy the time you’ll spend with your family when you aren’t in the middle of the daily rushing around to which you’ve become accustomed.  Make your 2013 resolutions early!

Be safe, take care.


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