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Renter’s Insurance

By March 9, 2009June 9th, 2022No Comments

Stuff.  You have stuff.  Maybe you need some insurance to cover the stuff.  But then again, it’s not that much stuff.  Why bother.  Why spend the money.  If you lose it all, you can always go buy most of it again, right?

Renter’s Insurance covers a lot of things.  Stuff, yes.  More than that?  You bet!

Think about this:

  • Most Tenant Policies cost less than $100 per year!
  • You have more than you think.  If you had to go out and replace everything tomorrow, it would cost a lot!  With Replacement Cost, you figure it out at “today’s” prices, so start adding it all up.  Yeah, your pots & pans, furniture, electronics, clothes, towels, sheets, digital camera, computer, Nike hats and sneakers (oy!) and more…yeah, wow.
  • You also get liability coverage, so you’re protected if you do something wrong (or fail to do something right) and someone gets hurt or their stuff gets wrecked.
  • If your place is completely ruined, you’ll need somewhere to stay.  It also covers your living expenses while the place gets repaired.  Yep, do the math.  This thing is a BARGAIN!
  • If you set up the policy with the same company that has your auto insurance, you’ll likely get a big discount on that policy!   Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s a “no-brainer”.  Talk to your agent (or me!) today about this valuable piece of your insurance program.  No one should rent an apartment without it!

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