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Spring Dreamin’ Insurance Quiz

By March 4, 2014May 7th, 2019No Comments


After a really long winter, we are ALL ready for Spring, right?  OK…while we wait, let’s test our knowledge of insurance coverage!

I get carried away singing along to a Def Leppard song on the radio, I sneeze from the hyacinths in the back seat, I swat at a bumblebee in my car.  Losing control, I hit a telephone pole.  What coverage on my auto policy will pay for my car’s front end damage?

  • A) Comprehensive coverage
  • B) Collision coverage
  • C) The Rock ‘n Roll/Insect Rider

I host an  “I’m Pretending It’s Spring Because I’ll Die If It Snows One More Time” party.  As I hand out bunches of daffodils to my guests and release the flock of butterflies, I realize my dog has just bitten one of the peeps who are doing the Chicken Dance.  What part of my homeowner’s policy may respond?

  • A) Medical Payments Coverage
  • B) Personal Liability Coverage
  • C) Sinkhole Endorsement

Anxious that temperatures have finally broken 30 degrees, I am out walking for fun and fitness when I am plowed down by a city bus.  My fall broken by a hearty patch of daisies, I still decide to get checked at the local emergency room.  What policy will pay for my visit?

  • A) Homeowners Insurance Medical Payments
  • B) Health Insurance
  • C)  Auto Insurance First Party Medical Benefits Coverage

See, Spring brings its own set of challenges.


1.  B, Collision Coverage.  Because you’ve collided with another object, collision coverage is what would respond to pay for your damages.  Be sure you’ve selected a comfortable deductible as that is the amount of the claim that would be your financial responsibility.  If you’ve wisely selected rental car reimbursement, your insurer will also be able to extend payment for a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired.

2. A & B.   In this case, the actual medical bills could be paid by the Medical Payments Coverage portion of your policy as it happened at your home.  The Liability Coverage may also extend to cover “pain and suffering” from the event where your negligence in controlling the pet caused harm to another.

3. C.  Your auto insurance policy  is primary in regard to paying for injuries “sustained through the maintenance or use of a motor vehicle” and broadly extends for pedestrian injuries of this type. 

Hopefully Spring will arrive before my next quiz!

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