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Thanksgiving Safety!

By November 21, 2016May 7th, 2019No Comments

tgivingWhile you’re being thankful, be vigilant.  Lots of things we take for granted are things that can cause “issues” on Turkey Day. Stay tuned into the very basic stuff. We’ve seen claims in the past years that are surprising, but not impossible.




  • Don’t walk away from the kitchen for too long. Parades, football games, monopoly games can pull you away, but the kitchen is a “hot spot” for overheating, fire, smoke and things that simply happen in seconds. Had a huge fire claim a few years back because the microwave cooking time was wrongly entered and temps rose, things exploded, bad things happened. The fire team actually brought food over to the house and everyone ate together. A great story, but not one that should be repeated.
  • Make sure you have an eye for safety in regard to little people who may wander around while you cook. Nominate someone to keep them busy away from the kitchen and the hot stuff. Same thing for pets. Keep the kitchen clear of everyone except the cooks!
  • Many of you will drive to enjoy family and friends. Sadly, it’s a day where some may be drinking and driving. Congestion in general raises the chances for accidents. Be alert, don’t drive when you’re impaired or sleepy. Take frequent breaks if you’re traveling a distance to your destination. Stay over if that’s possible.
  • That shopping thing, avoid it if you can. Shop online. Parking lots are a nightmare and a frequent source of fender benders even on days that aren’t “Black Friday”.
  • Be safe with food storage. Refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate.
  • Don’t feed the dog if it’s not your dog. You may not know what foods are problematic for dogs in general or THAT dog in particular. After you leave the shindig, you don’t want to leave your host with a sick dog. Ask your host if he has treats that are safe to feed the pet.
  • Should you have a claim involving your home or car, know that we have 24 hour claim assistance at 1-800-367-3743. The number is also available when you call our office phone while we are closed to celebrate the holiday.

The InsuranceChix wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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