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We Love the 4th of July. Really!

By July 1, 2009May 7th, 2019No Comments

4thofJULY  Do you think of your insurance agent as someone who has fun…or who exists soley to discourage all that is fun and lively?

NEWSFLASH:  Most of us ARE a fun bunch.  We love getting together with family and friends.  We like a good time! 

We LOVE the 4th of July, too!     Yet, it’s one of the most dangerous holidays!

At this time of year we see far too many accidents, injuries and fatalities that could be avoided.   We urge you to think clearly and make wise choices when enjoying your holiday weekend.

  • Driving–really, really pay attention.  Everyone else isn’t!  Did you know the National Safety Council estimates there are over 200 TRAFFIC FATALITIES and over 10,000 NONFATAL DISABLING TRAFFIC INJURIES nationwide from 6pm on 7/3 to 11:59pm on 7/4?
  • Drinking–go ahead and have a brewskie, but designate a driver right from the start!   Drinking and driving don’t mix.  Period.
  • Swimming–cool off and feel like a kid again!  Supervise the children like a mother hawk and limit horseplay.
  • Food–nope, we’re not kidding.  When you have picnics, be cautious about things that require refrigeration.  Really pay attention to this stuff.  Make sure you’re cooking your meat properly.  Advise others of what’s in a dish to avoid food allergy situations!
  • Bonfires–wonderful fun…but don’t let kids get too close.  Remember that fire can be mesmerizing.  Respect it.  Be sure it is fully out when you leave it.  If we’re having a DRY spell, skip the fire.  You don’t need the drama that it will cause if it gets out of hand!  Local firefighters WILL thank you!
  • Fireworks–oh boy!  We could write a whole entry on this alone.  Every year, they cause disabling and permanent injuries.  Yes, even the small “at home” ones that seem pretty safe.  20% of emergency room injuries during this holiday are due to SPARKLERS!  Go to a nice professional display and watch the “big boys” do it right.

Be safe this holiday!  Your family (and your insurance agent) will thank you for it!

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