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The “OTHER” Folder? OH NO!

By January 17, 2013May 7th, 2019No Comments

oh noIf you’re like me, you like surprises!  GOOD surprises.

BAD surprises?  Not as much.

Yesterday I learned something I did not know.  Many of my friends were also unaware.  Thus, I’m gonna share it with all of you because it’s important if you are a Facebook user.

There is an ADDITIONAL folder holding messages that were sent to you and you may not know it exists.  When you are on a full version (desktop) of the Facebook program, you find three icons at the top left of your screen.  The center one is for private message notifications.

When you click on that, it opens up a few incoming messages.  Look at the bottom of that list and click  “SEE ALL”.  Now, see the choices on top?  One says “OTHER” and that’s the super secret place of which I speak.

Go enjoy yourself by reviewing what you may have missed.  Many of mine were junk/spam, stuff that didn’t matter.  I had a lot of robots named Luis or Dominic telling me I’m beautiful and we must meet (great ego boost for my afternoon!)   Many were invites for events coming from businesses in the area.   But, there were a few that made my heart sink when I realized the people who sent them probably thought I was ignoring them or choosing to not respond.    One was a request from a local TV station for an interview!  Another was an inquiry from a family who was involved in one of our recent fundraisers for the burn unit at our local hospital.   So, I did respond yesterday…MONTHS after the messages were sent to me.

You can review more about it right from the HELP section on Facebook by searching “other folder.”   Preferences for filtering can be set (mine was on the most open option, but I still missed the messages mentioned.)

I love Facebook.  It’s free, it’s fun and it’s a great way to communicate 99% of the time.  So, thank you, Facebook.  However, because it seems very few folks I’m met have known about this part, I wanted to share with you!



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