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The Secret To Social Networking

By August 1, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

Just a few years ago, had you told me I’d meet new people and foster friendships through “social networking”, I would have had serious doubts.

Had you said I’d talk with so many of them daily, I’d have been skeptical.

And even more than that, had you told me I’d have to understand several programs on my computer and cell phone in order to do it, I’d have laughed out loud.  Being somewhat “technology challenged”, I believe my laughter would have been very loud and ongoing.

But here we are in 2010.  I’ve figured out how to blog!  I love and adore the speed of communication that Twitter and Facebook allow.  Linked In lets me network for my business and share my background for those who might need to know.  I write a monthly E-Newsletter for my clients that is quick, easy and perfect for timely updates!

What’s the secret to doing it well?  The secret is simple.  There is no secret.  Just try your best and don’t give up.  And don’t go crazy if it’s not perfect.  

As for the secret of social networking…another easy one.  The secret is BE SOCIAL!  Being open, friendly and willing to listen…like Mama told us on Day #1 of Kindergarten.  So do it!  By doing this, I’ve made more friends than I can count this last year.  I’ve connected with people I would have NEVER met in any other circumstance.  Sadly, we don’t start chatting when we bump our cart into someone at the grocery store.  But online, we bump into each other and find common threads with which to weave some chatter.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet many of these online friends in person!  Through local meetups, called Tweetups (specific to Twitter), I’ve found a great community of people with vastly different thoughts and ideas.  Every Tweetup I’ve attended or sponsored has been filled with incredible conversation and laughter. 

Being able to reach out to supportive folks is very cool.  Right now, Vica, a friend of mine (met her on Twitter and Facebook) and I are testing the power of  social media by asking our online friends for their votes in a local newspaper contest.  We’ve met many of these people in person.  To ask for votes, we’re using social sites to make our desires known.  Will we win?  We sure hope so!   If we do, we’re throwing a celebration party at her deli, complete with a “Woo Hoo!” cake for everyone to share. 

Want to help us out?  Once you log in and create an account (30 seconds!) you can vote.  Vote for us within these categories:


Can we count on you?   Here’s the link:

Please vote and share the power of social media!  Thank you!

*And more:  Black Forest Deli can also be Ethnic Food, Hoagie, Family Restaurant….

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