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Didja Know?

Umbrellas? Is It Raining?

By March 10, 2009June 9th, 2022No Comments

Didja know that umbrellas are becoming really popular?  No, not the shiny red ones that turn inside out whenever it’s really pouring cats and dogs…but the umbrellas that protect your entire world!

Some folks call them umbrellas.  Personal Catastrophe Liability Policies, PCL’s, are an important piece of anyone’s insurance program.

Years ago, very few people even knew what they were.  Now, folks call to see if we offer them within our agency.

This liability “extra” floats atop the current underlying coverage you may have on other policies like homeowners or auto insurance.  It will provide additional protection should there be a catastrophic claim.

Big claims can involve auto accidents, slip and falls, swimming pool or trampoline injuries, dog bites, sports and games where someone gets hurt.  You can assure yourself additional protection by securing an umbrella policy.

You read the paper.  You know that suits are settled for huge sums.  You have a lot to protect.  Wouldn’t you do whatever was necessary to shield you and your family from financial ruin?

They’re cheap.  Think about it;  for about $150/year, you could have an additional million dollars of protection floating atop the underlying policies.  That’s less than 50 cents a day.

When you have a youthful driver in the household, the premium is more like $225-300 per year…but again, this is a time when you have a bigger exposure than EVER before!  A young, inexperienced person is at the wheel of YOUR car.  That can be a scary thought!  For less than $1 per day, you can get that extra layer of protection.  “No brainer”, eh?

Don’t delay.  Talk to your agent about this important “rainy day” addition now.

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