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Wanna feel good this winter? Help us!

By November 17, 2011May 7th, 2019No Comments

Think back to when you were growing up.  Ever have a tough year?  Maybe your family went through some tough financial times and things were challenging.  As a kid, maybe you didn’t even know.

Reminiscing with family, we recalled several years that were tougher than others.  There were years where the presents under the tree weren’t so plentiful.  There was a year where my mom had saved up for her own winter coat, only to use the money to buy us a puppy for us instead.  Choices had to be made because we “couldn’t have everything.”   Been there?

Maybe you’re doing great, but some folks are having a hard time.  The Closet of  Hope is helping others through it.  I stumbled upon them and want to introduce you to them.  Please think about how you might help your community in a pretty easy way, making a huge difference to some folks who are faced with tough choices.

The Closet of Hope’s Mary Dreisbach explained that they are in need of additional items for the folks who “shop” their facility.  Folks who are facing tough times can visit and obtain the items they need, no charge.  Clothes for kids and adults, as well as household goods, are donated by the community.  They are then “recycled” back to folks who truly need them.

We’re going to donate some money from our Holiday Extravaganza on 12/10/11.  But we’re also asking YOU to rip through your closets and see if you have some new/gently used items that you might share.  Some of our clients are actually buying some new stuff, but if you have gently used items, they are also greatly appreciated!

What kind of stuff?  Clothes for kids and adults, especially coats, jackets, scarves, mittens, boots…think about how cold you might be if you don’t have the right outfit.  Are you willing to help a kid be warm this winter? 

Maybe when you buy your kid a new hat, you buy two.  Drop one off here.  Your kid’s feet grew…those boots are “like” new, but they don’t fit anymore.  Drop them off here.  Your kid really wanted that “Hello Kitty” snowsuit, but now she’s onto something else.  Bring it here.  Hubby bought you that pretty fuchsia sweater, but it itches like crazy.  Bring it here.

From now til the end of December, we’ll be collecting items for The Closet of Hope.  Yep, right here at our office, 19 E Main St., Macungie.  We’re open 9-5 Monday thru Friday.  Need a special time?  Call us.  610-530-0304

Everyone’s always looking to feel the “spirit of the season”.   Here’s your chance!  It’s pretty darn easy and it’ll make a huge difference to someone who will be ever thankful for the kind thing you’ve done. 

We hope to see you soon!   Collecting at our office thru 12/31/11.

More info on The Closet of Hope:

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