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Why Do We Ask SO Many Questions???

By August 23, 2012May 7th, 2019No Comments

I hope this blog entry comes off in a positive way.  That’s the way it’s meant.  In the last weeks, we’ve had several prospects ask us why we ask SO many questions when taking the data for an insurance proposal.   In their defense, they are used to ordering on Amazon, paying bills online, and doing a lot of things very quickly with just a few clicks of the mouse.  So, it seemed a wise idea to explain.

First, we’re selling a product to protect all the things you value most.  It’s the “thing” that stands between you and financial ruin if the “worst things ever” happen to you.  Finding out you didn’t have adequate coverage AFTER the fire or AFTER the car accident is not a delightful experience.  Taking some time on the front end to allow licensed professional agents to craft a product that fits you is important.

If you are buying a box of cereal, maybe you are willing to quickly toss that box of Oat Circles into your cart.  If they are nasty, you can buy the real ones next week.  If you are buying a bathroom trash can, maybe the $3.99 one is gonna do the job as well as the $15.00 model.  I get it, price is important.

However, with things that matter, VALUE should be your goal.  Work with people who are honest and experienced.  Listen to the suggestions we give.   When we offer a $30 endorsement that will  improve your protection package, it is because we believe it has value for you.   Honestly, we’re not going on a trip to Aruba because you added it.

The questions we ask are necessary for us to find the best rate and best protection package for you.  There are days we ask them of 20 or more folks.  Do we get tired of asking?  We might, but we continue to do it  because it makes a difference in the quality program we can provide YOU.

Different carriers and policies allow different discounts.  Some are kind of crazy…but we ask because we want to give credit for everything we possibly can.  We’re working FOR you.

For auto insurance, we ask about miles driven, how vehicles are titled, accident history, vehicle identification numbers and past insurance coverage.  Why?  Because it matters to the software programs we use to craft your proposal.  We want to know that the policy we quote for you is equal or better than the one you currently have.  There are so many variables and we have to be detail oriented to do our best job for you.   We can’t do that without the correct data from you.   Remember that saying, GIGO…garbage in, garbage out.

For a home, we want to be sure your rebuild value is on the mark.  Without asking you detailed questions about your home, we cannot do it right.  Think of two homes that look exactly the same on the outside.  Yet, when you walk in, they are different.  One homeowner went with the “builders grade” model, nothing super special.  The second homeowner chose upgrades like granite countertops, high-end appliances, higher quality carpeting, jacuzzi tubs.   From the outside, they are identical.  Inside, different story.  Should they be insured for the same amount?  Obviously not.  Without having these detailed conversations with you, we cannot possibly do a professional assessment and proposal for you.

Many of our clients who have reviewed us on Yelp and Angie’s List find value in the thorough and comprehensive approach we take.  Insurance isn’t a big-box store item.  It’s important stuff.

When protecting your family and your dreams, please do yourself the favor of granting us patience when we ask “so” many questions.  Understand that we are doing it FOR you, not to agitate you.  We want to craft the best custom product that you deserve, at the best possible rate we can achieve.

We’re here to be your “long-term” insurance resource.  We thrive on relationships with our clients.  We take pride in the job we do for you.

We enjoy a retention rate (the number of clients who stick with us year after year) in the high 90’s range.  In an industry where peeps change insurance like underwear, that is a statistic about which we are super proud!  We spend very little on formal advertising as most of our new business now comes from direct referrals from our existing clients.  THANK YOU!

We look forward to serving our folks for a very long time.  Please continue to refer friends and family our way!  We appreciate your kindness and willingness to refer others our way.  Thanks again!

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