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Why She Bought Life Insurance

By November 16, 2017May 7th, 2019No Comments

So, who buys life insurance?  You may think it’s “only” those couples who have a mortgage, debts and lots of kids.  They’re the ones whose lives would really change if something happened, right?

Nope.  Life insurance policyholders have many faces.  Some are retired men whose employers’ policies have ended.  Some are single moms who realize just how much a child’s future depends on their ability to provide financial support.  Some are babies whose parents know the value of a secure policy that no one can take away even if the child develops a serious condition or chooses a dangerous or hazardous hobby or occupation down the road. Some are folks who have already lost someone “first hand” and experienced how life insurance can help.

A recent life insurance buyer, Cassandra Gaumer, a “millenial” who was willing to share her story of why she felt it was smart to get herself a policy now.

“The reason was pretty simple to me.  Almost three years ago, I saw how life insurance helped when my grandfather passed away.  It was like a blessing in disguise, almost. I also saw how much of a struggle it was for my grandmother when my mom passed away 11 months later with no life insurance. People never know what the future holds and when it’s their time. For that reason, I wanted to be fully prepared for when the time comes so that none of my loved ones will have to struggle too much.”

We set up an affordable, smart plan for her. Seeing a young person interested and eager to prepare is awesome. Knowing she and her family had to go through some rough times makes me sad. But knowing that she is responsible and thinking about her future in a very mature way totally impresses me. Thanks for sharing, Cassie!

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