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Would you buy this for your teen driver?

By September 6, 2016May 7th, 2019No Comments


Likely not.

But, when you DO help him or her choose a vehicle, are you “thinking smart”?

Many of our clients are surprised about the cost of insuring a vehicle for their teen drivers. Yes, your teen may be super special and different from all the rest, but STATISTICALLY speaking, teen drivers represent a huge risk in the world of claims. They have less experience and they may take risks that more mature drivers would not. Hence, the cost to insure a younger, less experienced driver is greater.

Simple things like two doors versus four doors can make a difference. Some models and makes rate out higher than others. What should you do?

Narrow your choice down to a few different models, get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for the vehicle and ASK US FOR A BALLPARK QUOTE. Then you won’t be surprised after you’ve already bought a car. Buying an older vehicle or one with a lower value may enable you to insure it without physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision damage coverage) which could save you about $1,000 per year.

Bottom line, talk to us. Let us help you find ways to save for what is a larger expense than you might have expected.

Call us as soon as your child obtains a permit so we can add him or her to your policy. Many carriers do not charge for the “permit” time, but once a child is licensed, they do.

Driver training courses (on the road type) also can help save dollars!

Find helpful Insurance Chix who will guide you at 610-530-0304



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