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Who’s Outside My Door???

By June 17, 2009May 7th, 2019No Comments

DOORLOCKLock your doors.  Lock your doors.  Lock your doors.  Are we clear?

We all know we should be cautious and careful about locking doors…but there are some situations when we miss a beat.  Here at the agency, we make it a point to talk to our clients about ways to stay safe and minimize challenging situations.   We always talk about door locks.

Let’s talk about car doors, house doors, and more doors!

Even on a short trip, it is important to lock the car doors.  Most models make it really easy with a push of a button that’s already at our fingertips.  Some even do it automatically, so that’s beyond easy!  

Why?  Well, even in the smallest and safest towns, there are occasions when someone may approach your car while you’re at a stop sign.  I’m guessing it would surprise you if that happened!  When you’re operating a motor vehicle, being surprised is never a good thing.

Additionally, we suggest you always lock your car when you run into the store.  Even if it is just for a moment when you run in for one item, lock the car.  You have a key fob that lets you do it easily.  Why?  Imagine coming out of the store and some “undesirable type” is sitting in your car!  It has happened!  Is it easier to KEEP someone out of your car than it is to GET someone out of your car.  I think that’s pretty simple, eh?

Be “extra” smart with your valuables, too.  Just because your car is locked does not mean it is safe.  Avert the roving eye of the bad guy by making  sure your goodies are OUT OF SIGHT.  I recently parked aside of a car and the woman’s purse was on the front seat, gaping open, showing me her wallet, cell phone and more.  “Smash and grab” crimes happen everywhere.  Why make it easy for the thief?  Make sure your purse, camera, laptop, Ipod, GPS and all other items of value are hidden AWAY in a trunk or covered hatch.  Think about what is visible in your car now.  Need to make some changes?

Same thing for doors in your home.  Even when you’re at home, someone can slip in, grab a purse or wallet and be out again without you knowing.  Remember, too, there are OTHER doors in your house.  The French doors, the sliding glass doors, the GARAGE door…they are all points of entry and should enjoy the same care as your main doors. 

If you’re out cutting grass in your big backyard…is the FRONT garage door wide open?  Are you able to watch it the entire time?  Probably not. 

Did you park your unlocked car OUTSIDE overnight?  All the doors and windows to the house are locked tight!  You’re safe, right?  Is the garage door clicker inside of the unlocked car?  Guess what?  You have the key to your home readily available!

Yes, you can go crazy with some of this stuff.  You have to evaluate a happy medium for your family.  But these are some of the “real life” situations we’ve encountered over the years that we want to share so that you are better prepared. 

Brainstorm with your family and think of gaps in the overall security of your world.  You’ll be surprised how many things you’ll find need improvement!

We’d love to hear your top ideas!

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