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Facebook for Chix

By November 17, 2015May 7th, 2019No Comments


This post is actually about any of the social media platforms, but Facebook seems the most popular.

All the Chix here at Hosfeld Insurance/ are committed to providing you splendid service and insurance guidance every single day.  We are fully staffed by 100% licensed agents (yes, all of them!) who are anxious to help you get a rate on a new car, talk about a claim, and provide stellar help with all of your insurance needs.

However, please understand that the agency has a “social media policy” that promotes engagement through our two business pages.  You can LIKE us and engage with us at and

While some of our team have personal profiles, they will not accept friend requests from clients.  Everyone has a different idea about privacy and how much of their work life they wish to mix with their personal life.  So if you’ve friended one of the Chix, please don’t be offended if they do not accept your request.

Please LIKE our business pages and share them with your friends!  We love to be involved, but we’ll continue to do it from a unified perspective as an agency. Thanks for your understanding!

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