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Talk To Your Agent

By February 17, 2017May 7th, 2019No Comments


Lots of different things you can share these days, right?  Sharing is always a nice and good thing, right?

While it is a great thing when you’re talking sandwiches or basketballs, it can be a complicated thing when you are talking about your vehicles or your home. Some policies provide some coverage that is “built in” at no charge. Some simply require an inexpensive “tweak” to make things right.  Sometimes it is an exposure that cannot be covered “any which way no how” and then you may need to make a wise decision about whether you truly want to be involved in the sharing activity.

Bottom line, discuss it with your agent. Always, every time. Don’t wonder if it is okay or not, be certain. We’re here, 610-530-0304.

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