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The Real Deal

By June 7, 2011June 9th, 2022No Comments

How do you know when something is “for real”?

What are the things you use to judge authenticity?

More important…how do you judge that in a person or company in whom you’re going to place your trust?

Just this week, I had several opportunities to be on the other side of the situation.  I met with a new family doctor, a new veterinarian, and a new hair stylist.  Eek!  All are folks who have the ability to change my world pretty quickly with mere advice or a sharp tool!

Here’s what I want to share.  My trust increased when the provider:

  • Listened to me
  • Looked me in the eye
  • Answered honestly
  • Explained to the degree I needed additional clarity
  • Called me back when they said they would
  • Offered opinion regarding all possible outcomes
  • Used common terms to explain complex information
  • Asked me to repeat what I understood
  • Summarized the data with opportunity for more questions

Sounds like a lot, but it’s not.  We do this every day and our clients appreciate it.  However, I realized that I don’t always demand it in certain situations.  Yet, when we select a provider for our health, our pets’ health, or any other situation that really matters to us, we SHOULD have that level of comfort and trust.

Don’t select based on one item alone (location, cost, promotional sale)…make your choices based on knowing you have someone “on your side”…someone who is the “Real Deal”.  Make sure you have an accessible, trustworthy person or team who will help you understand and make wise choices for your future.

It matters.

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