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Didja Know?

Top 3 Ways To Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums

By June 18, 2009May 7th, 2019No Comments

1.  Consider higher deductibles!

      Only go as high as you are comfortable.  If you can’t handle it when the claim comes around, you’ve chosen too high of a deductible.  Talk with your agent and view the savings associated with making this change.  Huge savings can be realized, especially on youthful drivers!

2.  Don’t duplicate coverage. 

      Review how it works in your state.  If you have strong health insurance, maybe you can save on the medical benefits coverage.  Do you already have road service with your vehicle manufacturer?  Already have the Auto Club for towing?  Every bit counts! 

3.  Watch for discounts that apply to you, especially MULTI-POLICY & MULTI-CAR! 

       Most carriers really discount for these two…speak with an agent to find what other ones may be less common.  Some are automatic, some are not.  Is there a senior “accident prevention” program discount?  Driver training certification for teens?  Airbags?  Alarm system?  Anti-lock brakes?  Don’t leave it to an 800# or a website.  Consult a real, live agent who can find the right company and product for you!

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