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Who Doesn’t Love a Discount?

By January 26, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

Everyone likes a “bargain”…everyone delights in getting a discount.  Somehow, when you get “more for less”, it’s a good day.

But we shouldn’t ever confuse price with value.  There is a difference.  Think of the “pleather” shoes you bought that fell apart when it rained.  Think about the generic Cheerios that tasted like cardboard reindeer food.  Remember the fake Cool Whip that deflated before you got the pie to the table?  Yeah, sometimes a deal isn’t a deal.

Same thing about apples.  When you compare “apples to apples”, you should be sure about what you’re really comparing.  Just because the insurance coverage limits look the same side by side doesn’t always mean they are the same in value and quality.

The most important part of the equation is service.  Who will be there to stand beside you when you have a claim?  Who will show you “the secrets” to getting an affordable rate?  Who will nudge you to make wise decisions for your future?  Who will deliver the life insurance check to your family when you are gone?  Is it someone you trust?  Is it someone you like?  If not, it’s time to change.

We have a whole host of discounts.  Even a new one for homeowner’s who are 46 and older.  Yes, those young and virile folks have a discount that’s pretty slick.  Another one for your “new” house if it’s 14 years old or younger.  Watch the video and be surprised at how many we really have!

But most importantly, pick someone you would want to help you when things get crazy.  Find someone who really cares and has the experience and skills to truly be an asset in your time of need.

Whether it’s helping you through claim procedures for a scary car accident or discussing a life insurance beneficiary, be sure the person is someone with whom you are comfortable.  Find an agent you can trust.

We have a “retention ratio” in the mid-90% range.  That means that our clients tend to stay with us.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens because folks are happy with us.  They know how much we care and how hard we’ll work to continue earning their trust day after day.

Can you say the same about your insurance agent?  If not, maybe we should make an appointment to talk!  610-530-0304

Oh, and here’s the video:

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