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Why Hurricane Sandy Reminds Me of 9/11

By November 1, 2012May 7th, 2019No Comments

First of all, don’t take my comparison to mean that the devastation of this storm in any way equals the evil and horror of that day.  It cannot.

All I mean is that the first thing I remember from that terrible day was how kind people were to one another.  I remember talking to complete strangers, seeing a warming of their hearts as we all realized we were “in this” together.

I am seeing much of the same in the days right after Hurricane Sandy.

With so many folks losing power and “roughing it”, there was a real feeling of togetherness when I stood in lines or grabbed a bite at the few local eateries that were open.  When I was able to get service on my iPhone, I saw some awesome offers from people to share their homes and shower facilities.  I noticed some businesses willing to give away water and other items for those in need.   At intersections without power, I saw drivers being incredibly patient and polite!

As I called clients back asking about their damage, I noticed that they actually asked ME how I was doing!  Several took time to ask about how crazy my life must be right now and was I okay??  These are folks who have pieces of their roof missing.  People with thousand pound trees on their homes.  They’ve been gracious and kind.  Yes, they’ve been frantic and upset, who wouldn’t be? Being able to help folks when things are upside down is a privilege.  Being able to walk them through what seems an impossible maze is the reason we insurance peeps do what we do.

Extra hours?  Yes!  Slight headache?  Yes!   Burny eyes from looking at an iPhone for way too long?  You bet!  But these are the times that we DELIVER on the promises we’ve made when we wrote those insurance policies.  These are the times that we can be a resource to the clients who’ve placed their trust in us.  The feeling you get when you’re able to help someone make sense of such a nightmare is priceless.  And when you are graced with their kindness and appreciation?  Total icing on the cake.

I hate bad situations.  I hate this wench named Sandy.  But I love when hearts soften and we become a family.  Just like after 9/11, we seem more able to forget our differences and find comfort in how very much the same we all really are.


Photo:  Taken a few months ago when I first “met” the claims response vehicle that has now come to town along with additional staff for settling claims from Hurricane Sandy.


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