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Would you do me the honor?

By August 30, 2010May 7th, 2019No Comments

OK, give it your best shot.  What is that little case in the picture?

You might guess it to be a simple pillbox.  Something to store your aspirin or vitamins?

You might say it’s a clever little “green” marketing tool made of recycled plastic to help us spread the word about our insurance agency website and phone number.

You’d be right on both counts!

But the last option is the most interesting!   One of our clients, who will remain nameless (unless he reveals it to you personally) used it for something far more important.

He was looking for a way to store an ever-so-important piece of jewelry in his pocket without the “lump” of the traditional ring box.  He wanted the proposal to be as surprising as possible.  If you knew the guy, you would understand how incredibly good he would be at this whole “stealth” approach.  And if you knew the girl, you would know how completely stunned she would be if he were able to pull it off.   She’s pretty good at reading people, but there’s a first for everything!

So, if any of you need a pillbox or a storage container for mysterious uses, let us know.  We have more here at the office.  And we’d love to hear of your uses for it.  Although, we doubt you could beat this!

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