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You are unique!

By July 9, 2014May 7th, 2019No Comments

Picture 007You agree.  You are special.  You are different.  You are unique.

Yet, many folks ask the same question again and again.  “Why isn’t my insurance the same price as my neighbor’s”?

Why?  Because you are special, you are different, you are unique.  Rates are driven by a multitude of factors and it’s rare to see the same rate for different folks.  Rating has become very sophisticated and takes many variables into account.  Some things are commonly understood.  Others are more subtle.  But know that age, geography, usage, claims history, vehicle type, amenities within a home, distance to a fire hydrant and fire company are all parts that account for fluctuation.  Pay plan choices, discounts, advance quote status are also pieces of this puzzle.

Rest assured, when we ask you more questions than you ever imagined, we have a reason.  As independent agents, we are trying to MAXIMIZE your coverage and MINIMIZE your premium.  We want to find an attractive AND valuable package of protection for you.  We want to do it right.  We want to provide a program that is going to make a difference for you if you ever need it!

Let us make the process enjoyable and fun.  We’ll ask lots of questions, we’ll get to know you. We’ll find out what’s important to you and what your risk tolerance is. And, when we’re all done, we’ll provide you options that are affordable and comprehensive. And they’ll be crafted JUST for you, because you are special, different and unique.  No doubt about it! 



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